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Blackberry Manufacturer Remote SPC/MSL Unlock Codes

Supports CDMA Blackberry Phones via SPC/MSL code from ALL cdma networks.
Sprint, Bell, Telus, US Celllular, etc.

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Price: $14.99

Process Time: 1-5 Hours

Description - Blackberry Manufacturer SPC/MSL Unlock Codes

This is for (1) SPC/MSL Unlock code for any model Blackberry Phone of your choice. Our codes our guaranteed to be accurate and delivered within minutes of payment. The MEID does not need to be validated as good or bad, we process ALL MEID 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Functions of a SPC code:
1) Removes the annoying “Activation Required” message.
2) Gives you access to the CDMA programming menu, which is used in flashing a phone to another CDMA network.

8130, 8330, 8530, 8830, 9330, 9630, 9650, 9670, 9930, 9850


-What is a SPC MSL Code? It is a 6 Digit Lock Code, when entered into a Sprint phone allows you to program the phone. Also know as a Subsidy Lock.

-What model Sprint Blackberry can you process? Every model Sprint Blackberry.

-What if my Blackberry ESN is unable to activate (Bad ESN) can you still process code? We can process codes for all MEID/ESN no matter if it is good or bad for the same price.

-Can I put my BAD ESN on Sprint Service? No, this is just for the unlock code SPC/MSL so you can program your phone to another carrier of your choice. If the ESN is BAD in the Sprint system then it can not be activated back onto Sprint, even if we provide MSL/SPC Code.

-Can I put my Sprint Blackberry on Verizon? No, Verizon will not accept foreign MEID/ESN number or in other terms, if the phone is not a Verizon phone then Verizon will not accept it, if the phone is not a Sprint Phone, Sprint will not accept it.

-Can I put my Sprint Blackberry on Boost? It is possible to put a Sprint Blackberry on Boost. Yet their are many restrictions when trying to do this and we do not guarantee that your switch will be successful. We strongly suggest that you do your research on this matter, before purchasing the code.

-What Carrier can I use my Blackberry on?
Cricket and Metro PCS are two carriers that will accept foreign ESN/MEID, but restrictions may apply so contact your Carrier first. There are other carriers that will also accept foreign MEID/ESN but again you should contact the carrier before purchasing an unlock code.

-Will this Unlock my phone for GSM Carriers (T-Mobile, AT&T)? NO, this is a CDMA unlock code and will allow you to program your phone on another CDMA carrier. You need to talk to your Carrier first to make sure they will allow the phone on their service.

-Will this code remove the "Activation Required" screen?Yes, after a phone # is programmed into the MDN and MSID the "activation required" screen will be removed.

-How long will it take to receive my Unlock Code? It takes us seconds to generate the codes but we say minutes to allow time to receive emails and payment.

-Do I need to send you my cell phone to Unlock it? No, this service is done remotely. You must provide us with the MEID/ESN DEC and we will send the 6 digit SPC/MSL code that corresponds with this MEID/ESN.

-Where do I find the ESN for my phone? Remove the battery cover and battery from your phone. Located underneath the battery is a sticker that list the MEID/ESN DEC # for your phone. Power ON the Phone, (APPLICATIONS-OPTIONS-STATUS-MEID/ESN DEC). MEID DEC is 18 Digits. ESN DEC is 11 Digits. Your phone will have one or the other depending on the model.